Medical Park Elazığ HospitalElazığ, Turkey

Medical Park Elazığ Hospital

Medical Park Elazig Hospital is providing health service for Elazig and neighboring provinces with physician staff, architectural concept, patient rooms, internal equipment and range of medical service.

Medical Park Elazig Hospital located at Elazig Yunus Emre Boulevard and which has 115 total beds capacity, 6 operation rooms, intensive care and newborn units in 9,000 m2 closed area; is the largest private hospital of Elazig which is quite easily accessible by all city without parking problems.

Imaging facilities at Medical Park Ordu Hospital such as high end MR, Computerized Tomography, Ultrasonography, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, Mobile Radiology devices play crucial role in diagnosis and treatment process.

In Digital Angiography Unit of hospital which has quite advanced imaging facilities on Cardiology; coronary angiography and if needed balloon and stent procedures are performed at the same session by the technologic equipment and physician staff.

In Medical Park Elazig Hospital; heart and vessel surgery operations are performed in specially equipped operation rooms reserved for only these operations by a wide staff consisting of cardiologist, heart and vessel surgeons, cardiac anesthesia physicians and perfusionists. In the hospital heart valve fixings, all kinds of coronary by-pass (CABG) surgeries and pacemaker applications are performed from puberty to elderly period. The hospital is cardiovascular surgery center of whole rgion.

In fully equipped operation rooms all specific operations of Brain Surgery, ENT, General Surgery, Urology, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Orthopedics are performed endoscopically and laparoscopically.

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