Medical Park İzmir Hospital

İzmir, Turkey


Medical Park Izmir Hospital installed a total area of 46,000 square meters, a total of 244 units, including 10 one bed bedside with disabilities and 29 pcs Built-Surgical Intensive Care Bed, 7 Piece KVC intensive care beds, 7 Piece Bed Coronary Intensive Care Bed, 35 Piece Intensive Care Neonatal Intensive Care Beds incubator with a total of 78 will be served by the bed.

7 general surgery, cardiovascular surgery operating rooms with 2, 4, and 1 eye diseases, obstetrics and gynecology Medical Park Izmir Hospital which is available in intervention area, a total bed capacity of the emergency unit of 14 beds, 9 bed emergency unit of observation capacity of adults, 5 bedrooms There are children's emergency unit of observation beds. Must be a full-fledged hospital with all sections within the host hospital is also the largest private hospital in the Aegean Region.

Medical Park Izmir Hospital, as well as all other branches Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplantation and Micro-surgery areas come to the fore. Adult and pediatric bone marrow, liver, kidney, pancreas, small intestine, heart, lung transplant areas such as organ transplant organ transplant center that brings a complete solution to be in Turkey, transfer center, the hospitals in the world of organ transplantation to be a reference, PET-CT and LINAC cihazlarımızla offer wide range of services in the field of oncology in the Aegean Region, Aegean Region aims to Gamma Knife technology.

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