Medical Park Samsun Tıp Merkezi HospitalSamsun, Turkey

Medical Park Samsun Tıp Merkezi Hospital

Ilkadim district is one of the central districts of Samsun, on an area of two thousand square meters, which was built as a 4-storey hospital, Samsun Medical Center in 2004, has been operating in the area in 2010, specialized and experienced team of physicians as Medical Center Medical Park Hospitals Group Samsunpark participated. Name change in 2012, has decided to continue to serve as Medical Park Medical Center. Which is the most reliable and high quality service provider of Medical Park Medical Center, within one professor, two general practitioners and specialist physicians accommodates 22. In one operating room and the emergency room with a capacity of 7 bedrooms, 8 beds located in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Unit. With all these features to meet a great need in the area.

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