A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

A Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

As medical tourism continues to rise, you may know someone who has received high-quality health care abroad. As a result, you are thinking about getting medical procedures outside the country. One of the top medical procedures that’s rapidly gaining popularity is cosmetic surgery.

If you’re considering getting cosmetic surgery abroad, here’s what you need to know.


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Medical Tourism Rankings: Top Destinations for Cosmetic Surgery

There are many different countries popular for cosmetic surgery. Brazil is the most popular, and they hold the record for doing the biggest number of cosmetic procedures every year. In a survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), approximately 1.5 million cosmetic surgeries were carried out in Brazil last year. That’s 13 percent of all the elective plastic surgeries done all over the world in 2013[1].

However, there are other countries where you can get cosmetic surgery for a way cheaper price than what Brazil offers ($3,000-$6,500 tummy tuck, facelift, rhinoplasty).

Thailand ($2,916.50 breast augmentation) is one of the top emerging countries where you can get cosmetic surgery for a fraction of the price of what Brazil offers. There are also other countries like Costa Rica ($3,500-$5,000 facelift) and Mexico ($2,700-$5,700) offering a healthy competition for cheaper alternatives for your cosmetic surgery needs.

These different countries also provide differences in terms of places to visit. You may need to explore about what these countries offer and see how far you want to travel for your procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad: What Are The Actual Dangers?

If you have money and the resources, cosmetic surgery abroad can be the best decision possible. Nonetheless, bear in mind that traveling overseas for cosmetic surgery must be dealt with caution and careful planning.

Take note that not everyone is a perfect candidate for cosmetic surgery. For instance, you need to understand that every procedure carries some kind of risk. If you are looking to travel overseas to get tummy tuck or facelift take note that you cannot immediately fly home after the surgery.

You may still need extended amount of time in the host country for a couple of post-surgical checkups and touchups. Therefore you need to take into account some contingency funds for your post-surgical recuperation and be mindful of the person you are going to take with you.

As with most things, everything has its disadvantage but under normal circumstances, a lot of patients still favor getting cosmetic surgery abroad. Since cosmetic surgery is classified as a luxury, it is not covered by insurance. You are also expected to fork a lot of money for it. Once you decide to get it abroad, you can save 50% off or even lesser without sacrificing quality. There are also many options you can choose from, but too many choices can be a disadvantage.

As someone taking into account cosmetic procedure, privacy can be an issue. Doing it abroad is perfect if you value privacy. Although widely popular, there is still some stigma attached in getting one. Think about the amount of privacy you can get, when you get it out of the country.

Cosmetic Surgery: Are You A Good Candidate?

Like any other medical field, there are medical regulations in every country. With thorough research, you can always get an accredited and safe clinic or hospital where you can do your procedure.

Setbacks are expected. But to avoid it, you have to be very clear about your expectations. Furthermore, you also need have to be very clear about think about what you want out of the procedure you are getting. Then, explain this clearly to the medical team that is going to handle the procedure. That said, with clear expectations and the right team, your dream cosmetic surgery abroad can still be possible to attain.

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