Medical Vacations in Cancun, Mexico

Medical Vacations in Cancun, Mexico

Over the past years, Mexico has been embracing medical tourists who seek cost-effective healthcare procedures.

Data from the Department of Tourism in Mexico reveals that nearly 12 million international visitors arrived in Mexico last year, among them, medical tourists who are enticed by the reduced costs of plastic surgery and dental treatments.

The Secretary of Tourism in Mexico, Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, said the tourism industry of Mexico grew by 9 percent from 2013, with U.S. nationals contributing almost half (6.5 million) of all visitors. With medical tourists fueling millions of dollars into Mexico’s health care system, Mexico’s government authorities recently designed a strategy of “comprehensive security” to protect its foreign visitors.

To address the issue of public safety, government officials have strategically placed police officers in neighborhoods where cosmetic and dental clinics clustered. Similarly, as deal-seekers flock to Mexico for health care services, medical procedures in the country have been highly regulated. Leading hospitals, plastic surgery and dental clinics in Mexico have meet the rigorous standards set forth by US-based Joint Commission International.

In total, Mexico has 9 JCI accredited hospitals, namely Galenia Hospital, Almater Hospital, Hospital San Jose Tec de Monterrey, Hospital CIMA Monterey, Clinica Cumbres, Hospital Mexico Americano, Christus Muguerza Alta Especialidad Hospital, Oca Hospital and Hospital CIMA Hermosillo. The trusted international accreditations along with the comprehensive security policy are two of the biggest drivers in the growth of Mexico’s medical tourism industry today.

Fueling the Medical Tourism Market

Rising healthcare costs in the United States, Canada and Europe are attracting expatriates and medical tourists to seek alternative solutions in Mexico. Furthermore, the 50 to 70 percent savings on various dental procedures are luring overseas patients to avail of dental treatments in Cancun, Mexico. The affordable dental tourism and the longer warranty coverage on dental treatments are clearly the intelligent way to save money for the overseas patients.

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Photo Credit: My Medical Vacations

On top of that, multilingual medical facilitators such as My Medical Vacations provide affordable costs and innovative solutions to patients worldwide. For medical tourists who have decided to enhance their appearance through plastic surgery, the reduced costs of surgery are just one factor. Cheaper travel expenses, inexpensive accommodation and world-class aftercare are also elements that create a positive experience for their every visit.

Health and Wellness Tourism

Apart from the affordable medical treatments, Mexico also aims to promote its cultural gems and coastal regions. Cancun sometimes called “The Glistening City” is one of the most delightful places to visit in Mexico. As a coastal city in the Yucatán Peninsula, the city of Cancun is blessed with miles of pristine white beaches and crystalline blue waters. Additionally, the city is also strategically located near the Mexican Caribbean and is known to be the gateway to El Mundo (the Mayan World).

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