Singapore Travel Profile for Medical Tourism

Singapore Travel Profile for Medical Tourism

Serving up the perfect blend of East meets West, Singapore is a must-visit destination for many a traveller who’s keen on shopping, dining, nature, culture, and even medical care. The Lion City has a vast number of experiences to offer a medical tourist, including top-notch services from over 20 of its internationally accredited hospitals.

Singapore as a Medical Tourism Destination: YourSingapore for Your Medical Treatment

A global hub for business trips and shopping excursions, Singapore has been leading the medical tourism front with its advanced medical technology, as well as dynamic tourist activities and attractions.

With truly modern infrastructure and English widely spoken, the island city-state makes the shortlist of many international patients who seek high quality medical care and want the comforts of first world countries. Your first encounter of Singapore at the Changi International Airport is sure to set the tone for the rest of your medical journey, as this top airport reflects efficiency, luxury and safety. This is matched by the superb public transportation system which makes getting around a breeze.

Singapore provides a first-class healthcare system, ranked first in Asia and sixth globally on the World Health Organization’s 2000 report. Boasting the highest number of JCI-accredited facilities in the continent, the progressive country achieves high medical procedure success rates. Patient care is at par with the quality of these medical procedures, as hospitals and clinics are staffed by the most professional and pleasant people.

From major travel destination to leading medical tourism destination, Singapore is home to internationally trained doctors and surgeons who specialize in a spectrum of medical treatments. The country is particularly advanced in cancer therapy, stem cell transplants, cardiology treatments, and orthopedic surgeries. For more information on the medical clinics and treatments available in Singapore, browse through our directory.

Singapore for Travelers and Medical Tourists

One of the smallest countries in Asia, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and experiences. Its multicultural population and tropical climate lend to a wide array of activities for any traveler, medical or otherwise, to choose from – whether it’s sampling different dishes or going around the island.

Also called the Red Dot, the country is dotted with shopping opportunities for world-renowned brands of fashion pieces and electronics. After the spending spree, tourists can have their fill of the varied dining choices available at the famous hawker centers (food centers) or go upscale with the host of restaurants all over the metro. There’s no shortage of gastronomic adventure in Singapore.

For travelers who are into the night scene, the Lion City has the New Asia Bar at Swissotel The Stamford among other nightlife spots. Locals and foreigners alike can get drunk on the city view offered by this 71st and 72nd floor-located bar.

During the day, regular and medical tourists can visit any of the museums, zoos, parks and attractions including the Garden By the Bay and the various botanic gardens. The Garden City provides nature and wildlife adventures, outdoor activities, boat tours and watersports options as well. A simple stroll through Singapore can also reveal the fascinating architecture of the country with its Western styles and traditional Asian nuances. If you’re considering a medical trip, make sure to check with your doctor and plan accordingly.

Singapore Travel Notes

One of the leading medical tourism destinations, Singapore offers the efficiency and comforts of developed countries, combined with the vibrant aspects of myriad cultures. Whether you’re visiting for medical care or for leisure, here are some notes for your medical vacation in Singapore:

Traveling to and around Singapore

  • Visa required: No
  • Immunizations required: None
  • Public health considerations: There are no specific public health considerations. It’s perfectly safe to drink tap water in Singapore.
  • Airport: Changi International Airport
  • Transportation modes: Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), local buses, rental cars, taxicabs — fares will depend on surcharges for driving in the city’s center, peak hours (Mon-Fri 7am-9:30am and Mon-Sat 5pm-8pm)  and from the airport

General Information

  • Languages spoken: English is the most commonly spoken language; Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil (official languages)
  • People: The diverse population includes people of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian descent
  • Personality:   Caring and extremely efficient
  • Currency:  Singapore dollar (SGD)
  • Time zone:  GMT+8
  • Country phone code:   65
  • Electricity:  220V to 240V, 50Hz (most hotels provide transformers for appliances that are 110V to 120V, 60Hz)
  • Weights and measures:  Metric system
  • Elevation concerns:  None
  • Climate:  Singapore boasts a tropical climate that’s mostly hot and humid with the wettest months between November and January (peak monsoon season) with lesser monsoons from June to September
  • Clothing:  Light, cotton clothing is best. Casual wear is acceptable in most places.
  • Getting online:  Fax, Internet, and e-mail services typically are available in all major hotels and in cybercafés.

Cultural Tips and Local Etiquette

  • Tipping is not customary, but still welcomed.
  • Do dress comfortably and informally when you’re out.
  • Dress appropriately at fancy restaurants and places of worship as dress codes for these places can be strict.
  • Smoke only in designated areas.
  • Do be punctual for appointments.
  • Do remove your shoes before entering a private home or temple.
  • Don’t raise your voice or lose your temper.
  • Don’t litter, spit, or chew gum in public.
  • Don’t jaywalk.

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