UAE Travel Profile for Medical Tourism

UAE Travel Profile for Medical Tourism

Endless white sand beaches and sparkling seas make the United Arab Emirates a perfect destination for summer seekers and now, medical tourists. Together with its sunny sandy beaches and shopping sprees, the UAE assures medical travelers of international medical standards with over a hundred JCI-accredited hospitals and health care providers.

UAE as a Medical Tourism Destination: Leisure, Luxury and Life-enhancing Medical Treatments

The UAE is a wonderful mosaic of culture, history, old world charms and modern comforts. Two of the world’s most advanced cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai have become major travel hubs for business and leisure. Featuring cutting edge technology and high-end services, the gorgeous country is poised to become a go-to destination for medical tourists who are after urgent and cosmetic medical care.

A virtually crime-free haven, the country’s focus on safety extends to its health care system as well. Its reputation for excellent medical procedures and services continues to grow, as the country’s local governments emphasize a global standard of healthcare. In fact, there are over a hundred clinics, hospitals and health care providers that have JCI accreditation. Abu Dhabi and Dubai also currently have associations with Cleveland Clinic and John Hopkins Medicine, respectively.

Doctors and surgeons in the country have also trained in the U.K., Europe and the U.S., taking up various specializations. Dubai, in particular has a reputation for excellence in plastic surgery and cosmetic medical treatments. From simple outpatient procedures like Botox injections to full-on cosmetic surgery, the UAE also provides premium care for international patients looking for elective surgical treatment for cardiology and neurosurgery. For more information on the medical clinics and treatments available in UAE, browse through our directory.

UAE for Travelers and Medical Tourists

Rich in oil and natural gas, the UAE offers locals and travelers the glamour and luxury of world-class hotels and entertainment, unbeatable shopping, sandy beaches, and unique attractions — that can fit a medical tourist’s itinerary. Each of the seven states called emirates offers a distinct experience for travelers.

Visitors can fly off to the capital, Abu Dhabi for leisure, sport and culture. There’s an almost endless list of outdoor activities to choose from — water sports, desert safari tours, scuba and snorkeling, golf courses, off-road tours. Tourists can also take the usual stroll through museums and exhibitions or better yet, immerse in the Emirati lifestyle when you meander through the Dhow Harbor, shop in the local markets or take a break at any of the shisha cafes.

Another emirate, Sharjah is considered the cultural capital as it features art, their rich heritage and intriguing history. For the creature comforts of the more cosmopolitan, regular and medical tourists can opt for Dubai’s huge malls, spectacular skyscrapers and gorgeous beach resorts.

If you’re concerned about traveling to the Middle East, rest assured that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are tolerant societies where most tourists including Westerners feel safe and comfortable. If you’re considering a medical trip, make sure to check with your doctor and plan accordingly.

UAE Travel Notes

Whether you’re after a quiet relaxing time or more exotic adventure during your medical vacation, the UAE is a kaleidoscope of options for both travel and quality health care. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your medical trip to UAE:

Traveling to and around UAE

  • UAE Embassies:
  • Foreign Embassies in UAE:
  • Local News (in English)
  • Visa required: Yes
  • Immunizations required: None
  • Public health considerations: None
  • Airport: several including Abu Dhabi International Airport, Al Ain International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Dubai World Central International Airport, Ras Al Khaimah International Airport, and Sharjah International Airport
  • Transportation modes: Dubai Metro, trams, trolleys, taxis, ferries, and car rentals

General Information

  • Languages spoken: Arabic (official language), but English is widely spoken
  • People: Arab, Indian, Pakistani, Iranian, and Southeast Asian
  • Personality: Friendly
  • Infrastructure: First World
  • Currency: Emirati Dirham
  • Time zone: GMT+4
  • Country phone code: 971
  • Electricity: 220V, 50Hz, electrical sockets are three-pin square types.
  • Weights and measures: Metric system
  • Elevation concerns: None
  • Climate: Expect a lot of sunshine. Winters are pleasant with highs in the 70s, but summers can be scorching with highs reaching nearly 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Clothing: Lightweight, cotton clothing is best.
  • Getting online: Fax, Internet, and e-mail services typically are available in all major hotels and in cybercafés.

Cultural Tips and Local Etiquette

  • Do be aware that shops close every Friday from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M. for prayers.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in the street.
  • Don’t eat, drink, or smoke in public during Ramadan.
  • Dress conservatively when going out in public, especially during Ramadan.
  • Don’t tip—it’s already added in the bill.

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