Why Dental Tourism is Good for Your Teeth and Wallet

Why Dental Tourism is Good for Your Teeth and Wallet

For a majority of American insurers, traveling across international borders to obtain cheap, quality dental care is a wise financial decision. According to a 2012 report to Congress called Dental Crisis in America from Sen. Bernie Sanders, some 130 million Americans live without dental insurance. In other words, every year more than 400, 000 Americans travel abroad to get huge discounts on dental work.

The good news is that there are affordable, safe dental practices in Mexico. In fact, many national and international dental companies have made bases in Mexico because of the booming medical tourism market in Tijuana. One example is Dentalia, a dental clinic that operates more than 30 clinics located in 9 different cities within Mexico.

Great Savings

Americans (mostly retirees) come to avail of economical ways to fix their teeth in Tijuana, Mexico because of two viable reasons. First, Tijuana is located less than 20 miles south downtown of San Diego, California. And due to its proximity to the United States, it is often the choice of destination among tens of thousands of San Diego residents.

Second, dental prices in Tijuana are 50%-80% lower than those in San Diego. For example, a single root canal treatment averages about $2, 500 in San Diego, while the same exact procedure would only cost $1, 000 – $1, 500 in Tijuana. It’s a bargain that even the stingiest of dental clinics in the United States or Canada would be hard-pressed to match.

Likewise, international patients with Canadian or American Dental Insurance can save even more money if they use their dental coverage in Mexico. Some Mexican dentists can directly bill your insurance provider on your behalf. Otherwise, if you’re one of those without dental insurance, or if your benefits and maximums are limited, you can still avail of easy financing options. All you have to do is to contact your dental insurance provider and inquire on their reimbursement policy for your dental treatments.



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Quality Dental Solutions

Mexico has been dubbed as the mecca of dental tourism due to the abundance of well-trained dentists and high quality healthcare professionals in the region. Also, Mexican dental clinics comply with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hygiene regulations to ensure that service and quality in the region are consistent and reliable. Plus, leading dental clinics in Tijuana are equipped with the latest dental technology imported from the United States. Hence, the quality of dental care in Tijuana is on par if not better than dental services in San Diego.

Dental Vacations

In Tijuana, you cannot only enjoy adequate dental care but also take advantage of low-cost medical vacations. Medical tourists visiting Tijuana can benefit from inexpensive dental treatments, affordable cost of food, budget-friendly accommodation and cheap transportation. Therefore, should you avail of dental treatments in Mexico, you can still afford to spend several nights at a five-star hotel while you recover. There you will be pampered, waited on and cared for by various healthcare professionals without leaving a hole in your wallet.

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