MEDtrip was designed for you, the patient. Our mission is to help you find the facility where you will receive outstanding, world-class care.

Our international directory of clinics and hospitals provide you with comprehensive profiles that include information on the facilities, specializations and services available in your preferred destination. We want to expand your medical and dental care options and make it easy for you to sift through all that data. Our system allows you to reach out to and connect directly with care providers as we lessen the distance with good communication tools that ensure your privacy and security.

At MEDtrip, we aim to give you the confidence to make the right health care decision.

How It Works


Search our directory of care providers.

Refine your search by specialties or treatments within regions of the world, countries or specific cities. Our extensive database lists full profiles of hospitals and clinics, along with their doctors and specialists.

Compare and research health care options.

Our tools make it easy to compare a medical treatment or clinics across multiple destinations at once. Assess your clinic choices by the facilities, certifications and services, and check the backgrounds of your doctors.

Connect with doctors at home and abroad through a secure mobile platform.

When you are ready for a deeper dive, use our exclusive HIPAA-compliant mobile telemedicine platform to schedule a video chat.

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Share medical records and files through a HIPAA-compliant system.

Sending sensitive documents and files with your local doctor and doctor abroad is both necessary and of great concern. We provide the highest level of security to protect your information with full HIPAA compliance.

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Plan for your medical trip.

Find specific information on medical treatments in your destination — from medical visas to local travel arrangements and wellness options like spas, therapy and healing options.

Travel with confidence and receive great care.

Head out to your travel destination and coordinate with your care provider. Enjoy your stay as you sit back, relax and get your medical treatment.

Review and share your experience.

Tell us and future patients about your doctors, the facilities, and your treatment. Write a testimonial about your medical tourism experience.

Why MEDtrip?


Powerful search gives fast and smart results.


Our comprehensive database provides detailed online profiles of clinics and hospitals.


Contact clinics and use our tools for free.


Comparison tools help patients quickly find the right match.


Reach out to the medical institution and eventually get to talk directly to their doctor through a mobile telemed platform.


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)* compliance ensures the safety and security of your medical records and other sensitive personal data.

* Enacted in 1996, HIPAA mandates the Privacy Rule, which regulates the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI). HIPAA ensures that organizations and systems meet the most demanding of international standards for safe and private patient-physician communications, including the transfer and storage of a person's medical data whether electronic, written or oral.