WONJIN Beauty Medical GroupSeoul, Korea, South

Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery Clinic

To provide professional and systematic service to the patient, Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery Clinic is composed of specialized centers of different surgical parts
  • EyeNose Center
  • Breast Center
  • Two jaw surgery Facial contouring Center
  • Body contouring Center
  • Anti-aging Center
  • Safe-anesthesia Center
  • Contour Make-up Center

Wonjin Aesthetic Surgery Clinic has highly qualified medical staff that includes plastic surgeons who are specialized in each surgical parts, surgeons specialized in linked surgical parts such as; ENT specialists, chest surgeons, oral/dental surgeons, and orthodontists and anesthesiologists.



  • Dr. Bang Chi Young

    Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Huang In Seok

    Plastic Surgery

  • Dr. Won Jin Park

    Plastic Surgery

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